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NGE, the New Generation of Entrepreneurs, is the fourth largest construction company in France and has a reputation for excellence in the construction industry. With a diverse workforce of more than 23,000 employees around the world, NGE has a strong presence in 17 countries. This global reach allows us to leverage local knowledge and resources to deliver projects efficiently and effectively.

NGE is a leading global construction company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality infrastructure projects and buildings. Our teams combine technical expertise with innovation to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.

At NGE, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our projects and to promote the well-being of the communities where we work.

Despite being one of the youngest French construction companies, with a turnover of +4 billion euros, NGE has established a strong reputation in the industry. We have been recognized for our innovative approach to construction and our ability to deliver complex projects on time and on budget.

We are committed, we are your partner, we are the NEW GENERATIONS OF ENTREPRENEURS.

NGE Canada

Working in Canada since 2020

In 2020 NGE expanded its operations to Canada, opening a subsidiary to work in transportation projects. This move represents an exciting opportunity for NGE to expand its reach and impact in North America.

NGE´s new subsidiary in Canada brings together a team of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the transportation and railway industry. With their knowledge and expertise, they deliver high-quality projects that meet the needs of clients and stakeholders alike. This focus on quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of NGE’s approach to business, and it is what has helped the company build a strong reputation around the world.

The decision to focus on railways at this first stage is a strategic move for NGE: Railways play a critical role in the transportation of goods and people across the country, and there is a growing demand for infrastructure improvements in this sector in Canada. By leveraging its expertise in railway construction and engineering, through its specialized subsidiary TSO, NGE is well-positioned to help meet this demand and contribute to the growth and development of Canada’s railway network.

Overall, NGE’s expansion into Canada’s railway sector represents an exciting development for the company and the industry. As NGE begins to take on new projects and establish itself as a leading player in this space, we look forward to helping shape the future of railway infrastructure in Canada.


TSO to lead the overhead catenary system on the RSSOM project

TSO, a subsidiary of NGE Group and leader of catenary systems in France, has been awarded by Hitachi Rail, the design, supply and build of the Overhead Catenary System of the new Ontario Line subway. The works will be carried out by its Canadian subsidiary, TSO Can Inc., over a period of 8 years throughout the 15.6 km of the Ontario Line.


Illustration : Grand Paris Express project



We are thrilled to announce that NGE Contracting Inc. has signed its first major project in Canada, marking a significant milestone for our company. In November 2022, we signed the contract for the Ontario Line Rolling Stock, Systems, Operation and Maintenance (RSSOM) project, a transformative scheme that will build a new subway line in Toronto…



In December 2022 our teams officially inaugurated our new NGE Canada offices. Gilles Philibert, our NGE Contracting Inc. President, joined us along with our partners, to make official NGE´s presence in Canada.


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